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Emotions & Clues? - by Gharwang Rinpoche


We all know that emotions bring us misery and pain.
Yet, we seem to feel quite comfortable with them.

I don’t really blame anyone for the following reasons. Firstly,
poisons such anger, jealousy and attachment are difficult
to notice. Secondly, even if we are able to pin point those
poisons, they look so innocent and cute that we may not even see
the dangers they will bring. Finally, when those poisons
totally consumed us then to find a way out of the mess becomes
even harder. Therefore, to protect our interest, no matter how
beautiful or cute it may look to us we must simply refuse to let those
poisons reside inside us. Then we don’t have to look for freedom anywhere, because we are free!


What are the perfect signs of true learning?
It has to be someone who is inwardly peaceful and very humble in terms of attainment and as for outer appearances?
What kinds of clues are you looking for in a good meditator?
It should be someone who has total control of his or her emotions or rather balanced emotions.