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Look Closely & more from Gharwang Rinpoche

Look Closely

In all walks of life, fame is hard to resist and there is a danger that we may fall into the trap of fame.
Fame is hard to come by, difficult to keep it and easy to lose. It is totally true that
there is no one who is fully satisfied, because the more you have it, the more you want it

If you are a wise person, look around, you will know that famous individuals are not necessarily
happier than those who are not. If you realise this truth, than you may be one of the happiest person on earth. After all fame is not the true source of happiness. It definitely contributes to lesser freedom. My experiences tell me that just being happy as who you are, try your best and be contented with any outcome, you will feel better, happier and will enjoy what life offers to you!


We will find a division not just among human beings but
also in the animal kingdom. We are not born to be divided.
However, our emotions, such as anger, jealousy and suspicions will always
divide and separate us all. The day we can overcome those hurdles then we will become
one big happy family!


All Mighty ones are born from love and compassion.
Love and compassion are like the air we breathe day and night.
Love and compassion are not just to celebrate during the Valentine’s Day.
We should live in such quality throughout our whole life.
Not just merely sharing love and compassion with those whom we love and respect, but also
to someone whom we dislike and especially those unfortunate ones.
Nobody rejects nor refuses to love and care.


When we start to look for answers from somewhere else,
Then we may have to wait much longer than necessary.
Because no one has the right answers for our needs,

we have to look within ourselves.