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How Do We Tame Our Emotions - Gharwang Rinpoche

How  Do We Tame Our Emotions

Many people may have different solutions on how to enhance their ability to overcome emotions in their daily life. Some may consider taking a long break from stressful office work. We should have control of our own lives, never think that emotion is an innocent child, do not let it grow inside our hearts.

By embracing these factors below we may be able to improve our ability to control emotions which often bring us more miseries.

Firstly, emotions are like untamed animals and no matter how hard we may try, it may get worse and not better. We should have total control of our emotions by not letting it dictate us. Instead we should just let the emotions dissolve. Moreover, emotions are like playful pets and the more we play with them, the more we have to keep on playing for some time. It is easier to stop playing with pets when we feel tired and to just let them play on their own.

Secondly, emotions behave very innocently and that’s how they are able to lure us. However, we should always remember that they are sweet poisons and the moment we sympathize, our lives will be in great danger forever. Honestly speaking, we should let our awareness and mindfulness take charge of our lives and never give any importance to our emotions. The one most important thing we should never tolerate is our emotions!

Finally, emotions are homeless and if we let emotions grow within us then certainly they will empower our lives and will bring us more and more miseries. For instance, when anger arises, that very moment, we need to think wisely, is this anger helping us to be happy or is it adding more salt to our wounds. Furthermore, we should not wait and watch for that very moment when anger is still active, do not let anger decide what we should be but let it feel that it is not welcome anymore. Therefore, emotions may seem harmless but they are real devils in our lives and their main purpose is to destroy us. Emotions act as innocent, homeless and untamed animals but they have to be controlled and removed from our life or else they will bring endless misery.