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Satisfaction - Gharwang Rinpoche




People have different ways to achieve satisfaction. Some believe in fame and wealth, while others look for power and strength. It is true that wealth, power and fame do bring us certain degree of satisfaction.  However, I believe in contentment, in achieving logical and realistic goals in life. Our goal in life is to be happy and to live in total satisfaction.

When were young, we are sent to schools to study hard and acquire a prestigious degree and dream of a successful career in life. But our life throws us many unexpected surprises and may not necessarily be what we wish nor dream of. At the same time, failure and disappointments are not exactly bad because they offer us different ways that we can embrace changes and to move ahead. When we look carefully deep within us, what really plays a role to obtain satisfaction is contentment. For without it, we can’t really fulfill the requirements of satisfaction.

Secondly, logic plays a significant role in fulfilling our dreams of satisfaction. It is unwise to believe in everything. For instance, if we wanted to become a universal king and to hold the power of the universe, that is simply illogical and in fact childish.  Even though we may wish for something which is entirely not achievable, our ignorance makes us believe solidly in illogical ideas and we start to building sand castles in the air. In order to obtain satisfaction, we have to be more logical, otherwise life brings us more dissatisfaction and disappointments.

Finally, long lasting satisfaction is something that we cannot buy from any departmental stores. We have to be wise enough to think with the right frame of mind. Whereas simply hoping for unrealistic goals will make us less and less satisfied with our life. It is not wrong to think and dream about one’s life, however, wishing continuously for something beyond reality and constantly dreaming of such a goal makes life meaningless and is just a waste of time. Honestly speaking, having a goal  in our life is  important.  But essentially, it is wiser to believe in realistic achievements than believing in unrealistic goals.

Therefore, to achieve satisfaction is to enhance contentment, be logical and realistic in your goals. That is the way forward to achieve satisfaction in life.