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Very important advice from Gharwang Rinpoche - Prepare Yourself!

Prepare Yourself

Since young, we have been taught to achieve success and must always aim for the higher goals in life. Every day, we learn new things and there are many occasions we could work for the betterment of tomorrow. However, very often, we are overwhelmed by our greed, attachment and jealousy from doing the right things in life. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong in working hard to improve our life, but I don’t really appreciate when we become the slaves of our own dreams.

In addition, no matter how hard we may work, when the time comes, we have to leave everything behind and move on to the next journey. It is now the right time for all of us to think that not just to prepare for this life but should be more concerned about coming future life. Moreover, recent disasters that take place in Japan , Sikkim and many other places are reminding us that we are living in a very dangerous world and anything can happen anytime and anywhere. Our own experiences tell us that we don’t have much choice but have to prepare our own journey for our own good! In summary, life is beautiful and it is in our own hands, so we have to know how to make it more meaningful, or else our dreams may just fall apart.

Have a wonderful day!