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Understanding Death - by Gharwang Rinpoche

Understanding Death

To many people death is something unthinkable and it is true that there is pain and misery related to death. However, it all depends on how we look at the phenomena.

Practically speaking, our own experience tells us a totally different story. Let me put this in simple terms: we all accept rebirth and in fact we celebrate not just once but year after year. Logically speaking, it does make sense not just to believe in rebirth but also death as they are interconnected. The day we are born, the beginning of death has already begun and rebirth, old age and finally death are just a part of the process in our life. Moreover, the reason why we need to know about such phenomena is that, it is important and it helps us when we experience death of our family members or friends. After all, rebirth and death is a part of our journey and we had already made the reservation. Furthermore, when we wear the same clothes day after day, it will start to smell and so we must change into new clothes. Similarly, dying is a natural way to change into a new body!

Therefore, think of it as if it is just like changing new clothes. We should change or do you prefer the same old smelly clothes? Have a meaningful day!