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Keep Watch! Destiny is Not Given But Chosen - Gharwang Rinpoche

Destiny Is Not Given But Chosen

Many of us simply accept our destiny obediently and never oppose it! Who creates our destiny? Is it possible to change? The answer lies within us! Everyday, our actions build the bridges between present and future and in fact, our destiny changes according to our acts every day.

If suppose, we want to build a beautiful house, we can’t just wait for our destiny to offer a house, we need to make an effort to build. Moreover, it is up to us, what kind of destiny we want to build for our future and our present action lays out the foundation of all our future destiny. Further, don’t wait until you are overwhelmed by the result of your own actions. Now is the time to choose where you want to be in the near future. Therefore, we should choose what is best for us and don’t ever let our Karma dictate our life! Have a nice day!


Keep Watch

Often in life, we ask someone else about our well being and what I am going to be in near future? What is really clear to me is, to begin with, if I don’t know it myself then, most likely, nobody is likely to know about us. We are the one who is involved in all kinds of actions and therefore according to our own deeds will decide good or bad, suffering or happiness that we are going to experience in life. Unfortunately, we never learnt from our mistakes and we often blamed others for our down falls. Moreover, if we are right, nobody can make us wrong and if we are wrong, then the beings of entire universe can’t make us right. Logically, it does make sense to be more aware and mindful of what we say, think and act, in order to avoid the trap of confusion and misery in this whole samasara. As we all know that destiny is in our hands and since we have this opportunity to create a better destiny, it will be really foolish to waste our precious time for meaningless activities in this life. Finally, everyday is a new day and most importantly we can’t afford to waste such a precious time, so doing the right thing is very essential. Therefore, respect to oneself and others and make sure that what we are doing is right and meaningful. Take care!