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Wisdom by Gharwang Rinpoche


What is wisdom? It is the most powerful tool to see between good or evil and right or wrong! How we acquire such wisdom? There are many ways, so let me just explain the three most common ways on how we can achieve such wisdom;

Firstly, by listening to teachings/advices from qualified individuals and reading meaningful books. Secondly, by contemplating deep inside our heart what you have just listened. Finally, using such wisdom in our daily life to build a better future for all walks of life. There are many types of wisdom and unfortunately, there are individuals who use them in many wrong ways, such as manufacturing weapons to kill other human beings when we are trying to save and there are also some individuals who use their abilities to dictate or ruin the life of many others. Moreover, there is a big difference between intelligence and wisdom. The differences are: anyone can be intelligent in studies, in business, and in many other fields. However, a person whose wisdom can see near and far reaching consequences and know what is morally right or wrong without self-interest is the most important. Finally, wisdom which is companied by compassion will be the best wisdom of all and we should try to cultivate such wisdom. Even though it may sound easy but it is hard! We all know the popular saying “Rome is not built in one day”. Therefore, we need to be patient and do our best to cultivate the wisdom bit by bit and surely one good day we will see the result of our hard work! Have a nice day buddies!