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Why We Must Share Love-by Gharwang Rinpoche

Why we must Share love

Since young, I have always heard a lot about love and compassion of the Buddha and Boddhisattvas. So today, I am learning to share the little bit I know about love and compassion. The more I learned about such powerful tool, the more it amazes and fascinates me.

However, I must admit that it is so wonderful to embrace love and compassion. Personally, I feel so blessed and find the true meaning of life through sharing with others. Moreover, I could see the reason why it is so important. First, when we fill our heart with love, it brings comfort and light of joy to oneself. Secondly, when we share with others, it brings smile and true sense of caring and brighten their life with satisfaction.

Third, it is the true source of our own happiness and liberation. Finally, I don’t blame Buddha why Buddha loves us, because that is how Buddha is born! Let’s share love with all!


True Love Never Dies, It Only Gets Stronger with Time!

Let’s fill our heart up with unconditional love! That is in fact the true essence of Buddhism.

Unconditional love is the best gift we can ever give to anyone and that makes us someone special

among others.



How we judge ourselves as a perfect practitioner? Not by how much dharma knowledge we had acquired or how long we had practiced. First of all, we have to be a good human being. Secondly, whatever we have learned from the Buddha Dharma, we should bring the knowledge to our mundane life to make it more meaningful and purposeful. Thirdly, if we are able to integrate the skill and wisdom of Buddha successfully, then we may consider to be close to perfect! Finally, what is most important is that from morning until we go to bed, all our activities should be a part of our practice. Try your best and just move on with the right attitude and love in your heart. Have a wonderful day!


Since the day I was born, my journey has already been planned. I just follow whatever that comes in my way with open heart and mindfulness. In life, it is not always the choices we want, however, if we can skilfully integrate hurdles to our advantages that will make us stand tall among all! In addition, it is not about what I wish, but what is important to me and others. Moreover, knowledge helps us to be more sensitive to our surrounding, but success depends on how we skilfully choose the right path which brings happiness and liberation to all. I am so happy to share my thoughts you guys!