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What Lies Within Us--by Gharwang Rinpoche

What Lies Within Us

Knowing or unknowingly, we harbour our own worst enemies within us – hatred, jealousy, and many more poisons like these. Over the years, our own experiences tell us that such impulses are harmful and do not benefit us at all, yet we continue to welcome them wholeheartedly. Sadly, the more such poisonous emotions start to feel like they are justified, or are in the “right place at the right time,” the more we forget that we are choking to death on all of them.

Before we start pointing fingers at anyone else, we should look at ourselves honestly in the mirror of Wisdom Eyes. Only then are we able to diagnose, understand fully, and eradicate without a trace the root causes of such destruction. Moreover, it is not our human nature that is to blame. Instead, these poisons, these so-called emotions are actually taking away our rights and our freedom. Surprisingly, we are totally blind and constantly point our fingers to innocent individuals, like a drunken soldier pointing his gun at another friendly soldier. As long as we harbour, indulge and encourage these poisonous emotions, we are simply living our life inside a bottle of oxygen, and it is just a matter of time before we are eaten alive! Therefore – First, we should recognize. Second, we should eradicate these poisons totally. And finally, keep a watch on these poisons forever!


Let’s bring light of Joy into our life

Let’s ask ourselves, who plans our day to day schedules, it is us, who decides what I want to do every day. Logically and practically saying, it is up to us what I really want to be. It is all about changing our mind set and we are the only one who can make such decision. We are enclosed by changes surrounding us. In addition, the more we look around, the more we tend to compare many things with other people and that is turning our meaningful life into misery. Moreover, in order to be joyful, first of all, we must be responsible human being. Second, we must respect as to who I am but by measuring how much I am worth. Third, it is nothing wrong to see and look around and learn about our surrounding, but, we don’t have to worry about being better or worse than anyone else. Finally, it is not wealth or power that decides our meaningful life but how contented we are in our life! In conclusion, joy gives us energy and power to move on in life no matter how difficult situation may be with respect to oneself and others.


Every Drop of Water Fills the Ocean

Courage is a jewel-like quality that we must cultivate and maintain in order to fight internal and external struggle! It is true that life is unpredictable, yet we must put all our effort into prevailing uncertainty, lack of interest in humanity, and discouragement. In addition, failure and success are both just part of life, and without courage, our life becomes like coffee without sugar -- bitter and dark. Courage is a way to success. However, the wrong kind of courage -- false courage that promotes disharmony among communities, or lacks compassion or hurts others and causes many other kinds of miseries -- should be avoided. Further, every drop of courage counts, and the courageous acts of many will fill up the ocean of wishes for all! Therefore, just as every drop of water is needed to fill an ocean, so too is our courage needed to bring a brighter future for all of us!