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My Understanding about Meditation-by Gharwang Rinpoche

My Understanding About Meditation


Meditation has become a household name for many Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.
It is true that the practice of meditation does bring temporary relief, such as calmness, peace of mind and happiness. As ultimately, it is meditation that can help us achieve total realization! However, there can be drawbacks when we fail to understand why we want to meditate.

What are our expectations and our goals. As with anything we do, with an expectation or goal, we have to be very clear on what we are expecting or what our goals are, before we pursue them.
We sometimes miss the whole point: We shouldn't meditate expecting to be happy but we must be happy to practice meditation! If we just practice meditation with the goal or expectation of achieving happiness, then all we will do is add more stress to our lives when we do not instantly see “results” or have our expectations met. This is the same with everything in life, not just meditation. If instead of having expectations we are just happy to practice meditation, and if we approach meditation in a relaxed way without expecting “results,” then we will be able to quiet our mind and eventually more calmness, peace and happiness will arise naturally. We have to know why meditation is important, and how practicing meditation will bring us both temporary and ultimate benefits. When we have this understanding, our meditation will be supported by logic and reason, which will help generate interest and motivate us to work towards the ultimate goal! You guys make my day!


Love and Hate

Love and hatred are an inseparable part of our life and unfortunately choices are hard to come by. It is difficult for us to convince anyone the difference between the two. First of all, when the anger grows inside our heart, try to feel what is the effect it has on us. And then see how others react when the true face of hatred manifests itself in discomfort and insecurities. Love is beautiful, yet we failed to recognize its full potential. We should embrace lovely and wonderful feelings and its blessings. Moreover, we should first let our true colour of love radiates and let others receives the light of our love then we will see for ourselves what are the vast differences between the diverse characters of love and hatred. Finally, let our wisdom of experiences choose between the two  

characteristics of love and hate!

Have a nice day!



A ContructiveTrust


Many of us easily get disappointed when someone whom we believed and have full trust in betrays us! Let me say this first, even though we may have a true friendship with someone for a long time, it is not necessarily permanent and in fact I would like to say to everybody “welcome to the club of impermanence”. Moreover, trust needs to grow in stages, and even then with our own experience, it tells us a totally different story altogether! We just need to try our best, however, we should prepare for the worst. It is up to us, what we expect from others. With less expectation it should bring us more comfort than just simply trusting someone totally for our needs. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t believe in anyone, but we should at least know, it is impermanent! Finally, lesser expectation and more respect towards others will help us from uncertainties!




In all walks of life, the faces of happiness, anger, jealousy, confusion and joy are very much a part of our life. It is up to every individual’s effort on how and when we can overcome such confusion! Right effort and wisdom that is acquired from listening, contemplation and practice do help to enlighten us from such problems! First of all, let me begin with confusion; confusion brings uncertainty, failure and down falls. Moreover, if we do not address such weakness, we can’t see the light of success! Finally, it is not life threatening, however, if we are confused, it does bring us unwanted failure and other miseries. Therefore, in order to help ourselves, we either seek an advice from our spiritual guide or apply the right effort and wisdom to bring us the right answers!

Have a nice day!



What does true democracy mean to me according to my ignorant mind? To exercise my right in diversified environment without stepping onto someone else’s rightful space and their life. Unfortunately, in 21st century, our greed and hunger for power have been changing the face of truth. Sadly, even in every religion, the true meaning of religion are quite often distorted according to the needs and greed of those in charge. We have to be a responsible and a good hearted human who knows that our rights and our needs are of the same priorities as others. Moreover, as long as we don’t hold values of others as priority, then we do not represent anyone at all. Furthermore, we should exercise our right. However, we can’t just be selfish, because respecting others plays a constructive role to maintain our environment harmoniously and to have peace of mind for all. Finally, every effort is counted and we all should contribute to our societies to bring respect, care and protection to our harmonious environment!