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True Family Value and more..by Gharwang Rinpoche

True Family Value

What does true family value mean: a family that shares, cares and loves without any condition but apparently it is becoming more remote than we may have dreamt of. In this ever changing world, we are becoming more insecured and selfish and thus adding to our growing sense of belonging lesser to each other.

Moreover, the main value of family is less observed and respected and that is creating a new set of worries. How do we define care or love? For instance, when we love and care about oneself there is no complain about one’s failure and success, we just give our best shot. Similarly, in theory, that is what is supposed to be. However, in real life we may not really practice but one has to try our best! There is a saying that Rome is not built in one day. Therefore, we need to work a little harder and our effort will be respected by the truth! Let's give our best shot and such act is very much a part of our practice! Have a nice day!



Did You Smile Today?

Let’s smile together

Why smiling is better:

First, you don’t have to pay.

Second, it is good for all!

Third, it is totally free!

Finally, it is harder to get angry than smiling

Therefore, why not buddies !


Possible Solutions to Unhealthy Eating Habits

Fast moving environment creates an unhealthy eating habit at home and outside. Such environment encourages unhealthy business practices and corrupts the whole system which is based on moral ethics of the society. We are all living in a stressful, comparative and mostly selfish world. What most business conglomerates care is how much profit they can make. In such given situation, the Government and concerned citizens must work together to change inhumane practices for the sake of ourselves and our children’s future.

First, The Government must work together with qualified nutritionist to come out with proper guide lines. Second, whatever products that are on sale in the supermarket or anywhere else must have proper labelling and with strict guide lines. Third, community leaders and parents must have regular meetings and encourage having more organic and healthy eating habits within the family members and with the whole community.

Finally, the Government must ensure that the fast food restaurants do not encourage innocent children to get trapped into unhealthy eating habits. Today, most of the young children watch TV, use the internet and worse of all is where ever they go, they see tempting and luring advertisements that attract their young innocent minds. Therefore, responsibility purely lies on those who offer unhealthy food to our society and particularly to our children.

As long as unhealthy eating habits and our mindset do not change, we are going to face same problem year after year, if not worse. More than anyone else, we ourselves need to change how we eat and what we eat. It all boils down to one important issue, we must convince others and our will power brings success!

In conclusion, before it is too late, our government and community leaders and especially parents must work together to regulate all the restaurants and food industry not to offer unhealthy food and drinks to innocent consumers!








We are concerned about our actions and we certainly need to be, because what an action brings is never ending consequences of misery and pain. Mist of all those actions we tend to miss one most important point; that is to recognize the main culprit. In addition, not the actions but what is the face behind the mark? Moreover, actions do not represent the real picture of the truth; It is just following the orders of good or evil motivations behind it. We need to careful of our act, but we should be more concerned about motivations behind such acts. The right or wrong motivation decides what is the outcome of the consequences. Therefore, we must look into our motivation very carefully and that will change the whole outcome of consequences!

Hey buddies, finally, I am getting a little rest and you too deserve that!



What is Intersectionality? It is a practice of discrimination, inequality and oppression in terms of gender and sex. In many countries throughout the world, there are many traditions and practices. Some of these traditions have high moral values, respect and care for others. There are equally many traditions that do or may not share the same values. Those practices are based on hierarchy and gender inequality.

There are groups of individuals, who believe that as long as you don’t look the same or have a different skin colour then you are considered less equal and do not deserve the same right .This is a global issue and until everyone works together, there is no easy solution.

The main concern here is, how can we resolve such a difficult issue. One of the meaningful ways to address this issue is to spread awareness among people, and explain why such a belief is wrong and that in the 21st century there is no place for such a practice. As long as we educate people, there is always hope for a better tomorrow. Therefore, we must put all our efforts into ending such inhuman acts and bring equality to all.



The Freedom Within

We are all hungry for freedom and working towards achieving such a goal. What is freedom? Freedom is like the air that we breathe and the water that we drink to overcome our thirst. First of all, we need to understand what kind of freedom we are referring to? To most people, freedom means to do whatever we want and exercise our so-called human right. It is nothing wrong to exercise such right; however the question is what is the limit of such right? As long as our right does not take away the rights of others then it is acceptable to all. Truly speaking, if we are not free from the imprisonment caused by our own poisoned mind then we are simply a day dreamer. Moreover, the one who really takes away our right is our own poisons such as anger, attachment and ignorance. Before we could see the light of joy, we need to remove the darkness of poisons. Therefore, if we are free from within then the external freedom is just whisker away!

With love