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The Mind's Playground - by Gharwang Rinpoche

The Mind's Playground

Our life is a big never ending playground of our thoughts. Until the main director the mind is exhausted, there is no end to display of a great artificial show. We all know that it is not real, yet we simply refuse to believe it is unreal. ...


It is like watching a movie, we know it is untrue, but we laugh, cry and feel happy according to the emotions played out in the show. As long as we just enjoy the show of our mind and do not attach to such display then we are fine. The moment we are attached, then it becomes very difficult to release ourselves from the display of corrupted mind.
In addition, once we are caught inside the net of elusion, there is little chance to be free from it and we may be trapped for many years to come.
Finally, we may enjoy such display, however, we always need to be careful of those traps and only watchful eyes of mindfulness and awareness will protect us!
Enjoy yourself but be aware of such traps and just watch but don’t get hooked by deception!
With love and many hugs

Emotions Destroy Our Dreams

Emotions are like a disease and they are contagious. Playing with such emotions are dangerous and self destructive. Unknowingly we invite them, let them grow strong and unwisely we cherish them. For instance, when jealousy grows inside us, we try to find justification for such feeling and feed them with all the wrong reasons to grow within us. It makes good use of us and gradually destroys us and an emotion will have the last laugh. Unfortunately, it is usually after some time that we recognized the evil effects of these emotions and by then we are already quite defenceless. Moreover, such emotion makes our life miserable and it creates waves of worries and dissatisfaction. Therefore, we must first recognize all those emotions such as anger, ignorance, attachment, pride and jealousy and secondly, don’t ever let those emotions reside in our heart. We must eradicate them completely. When you are free from those diseases, happiness will fill your heart! Thank you all for your wishes and love!

With love