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Gharwang Rinpoche says:Put in the Right Effort to Just Enjoy Your Life..& Explore the Inner Universe..-Inspirational!


  • Just Enjoy Your Life. Life is like fresh air that we all breathe day and night and without such air we all can’t live on this earth. Life is so precious and nobody gives us our beautiful life, it is all through our hard work and cultivation of merits that made us who we are today! Moreover, it is difficult to obtain yet easy to lose it and when we have such a beautiful life, we should put in right effort to make it better! If I was asked what is the purpose of life? To be happy and bring happiness to others without hurting each other. Furthermore, life is not just to be wealthy and powerful but to enjoy every bit of it. We all work very hard to earn wealth , fame and power to be happy and to enjoy our life. However, enjoyment or happiness is not something that we can hope for but along our journey we should just grasp every moment of joy or happiness and we just need to feel and appreciate it from deep inside our heart. In conclusion, we should make our beautiful life even better by not asking more but appreciating who we are today and how can we contribute to make it better for all of us tomorrow! Have a meaningful day!




  • In the 21st century, the world has been transformed to such an extent that is is almost unrecognizable ! We too are changing minute by minute and there is no ending to such nature. It is like the universe itself. In such an ever changing world, it is very hard to think alike as though we are only one individual. In such vast space with different species, it is understandable that everybody doesn’t think and share the same dream. Moreover, it is always wise to respect other’s views and feelings and that will probably save us from a lot of troubles. In addition, you may not agree with other’s thoughts, but, you can just listen and try to understand their point of view. This way will make our surroundings more acceptable. Therefore, what really makes us stand among others is, by listening to what others say, respecting their views and finally give them a sense of belonging! We can make a difference only if we are willing to understand, my dear! May you always be in good health and prosperity!




  • I want to share with you some of my interest and what I still feel strongly about. As long as I could remember, NASA has been studying the universe; how it was formed, how many planets are there and is there any life forms that exist in other planets and much more. The fact is, you may not get all the answers we may want to know, however, you don’t have to be a genius to answer some of them. Possible answer will be, we may never know the secret of the universe unless you are the universe. Even if you know, it may not help you temporarily! It is more difficult to understand the inner universe, that is to know or understand someone; even though you may have lived together for years! Furthermore, knowing someone for a long time, we just assume that we understand and know him well, but our own experiences will tell us a different story all together. Whatever we are learning today is to find an answer within ourselves and the only way to achieve such goal is to explore the inner universe by embracing proper practice from simple concentration to advanced meditational skills. Moreover, getting to know someone is like smelling a durian (fruit), it smells like hell but taste like heaven and by just smelling, we can’t really tell the whole story. Personally, I will leave it to someone to know about others and I will focus on how to improve myself in order to acquire happiness for all! In conclusion, by exploring inner universe, we are able to understand ourselves better and such practice will contribute towards the enhancement of our realization! Hey buddies, take care!