** If you see your Guru as a Buddha, you will recieve the blessings of a Buddha ** If you see your Guru as a Boddhisatva, you will recieve the blessings of a Boddhisatva ** If you see your Guru as a friend, you will only receive the blessings of a friend **

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Gharwang Rinpoche just want to share with you...


Life is beautiful and beautiful life is a rare commodity to most of us. Life can bring us many surprises and uncertainties. However, do not live your life according to other’s opinion. Many sincere offering of ideas are merely their personal assumption and their needs and not necessarily a reflection of ground reality.

One should always let wisdom of ours to judge not just other’s opinions. Exchanging each other’s views enhances our belief and understanding of our surrounding, but simply living on someone’s suggestion is like holding a last bottle of oxygen. As a wise person, one should be open to ideas and suggestion. In addition, learn to listen and prepare to accommodate thoughts and share ideas. Furthermore, stubborness is ignorance and lacks wisdom but openness enriches us with knowledge and wisdom. In conclusion, always share thoughts and ideas; however, don’t just swallow raw opinions but filter through wisdom of one’s experiences. One day, surely you will have all the answers that you are looking for in life!

Just want to share with you!



Compassion is the true divine quality in human beings who care for others like to oneself. Compassion has no color, gender and preference and equality is the true face of compassion. First of all, one must ask why and how compassion plays a vital role in bringing happiness to needy ones and satisfaction to oneself?

In 21st century true love is becoming more expensive than owning a castle and everyone is fighting for a same piece of cake and the size is getting smaller than hope for. In such difficult environment, nobody is winning and in fact everybody is losing at the end. First, compassion is like tasty cold water, when you are thirsty on sunny day, it helps you to bring a great level of comfort and relief from thirst.

Second, with your compassion, you are able to bring a sense of security, care, contentment to many. Third, if your heart is filled up with anger, jealousy and pride, then you’re putting yourself into a great misery for nothing and only you have to bear all the pain and discomfort .Finally, by making others happy, by giving them love and care, brings satisfaction to everyone and you don’t have to look for happiness or comfort somewhere else.

Therefore, it is the main reason why we respect Buddha and Bodhisattvas is only because they all have compassion and shares their power of love with all!!!!!!

This is what I truly believe from my heart!!!


Our hope drives us to many places we never imagine we will reach one day. However, same hope may bring us to many unwanted miseries and confusion. Truly speaking, hope itself is a source of pain and suffering. Whatever we do in life, we just have to do it honestly with proper guidance from our teachers. In addition, hope creates an artificial world and we may never realize such a dream! Moreover, we forget to live in real present world! Always, be optimistic, be forward thinking, and be realistic to be in better place!


Life touches me, it taught me how to be patient, more accommodating and less selfish! The face of selfishness is narrow and short sighted and can’t see more than oneself. Furthermore, when you open your heart to all, you will see the real world and many beautiful people all around you! It is only when you try getting everything for oneself and your meaning of life becomes just wanting more and more and more. In addition, if you want to fulfil your desire, then even whole universe won’t be enough and your purpose of life becomes less meaningful than you wish. In conclusion, it is not how much you own or how powerful you are, but rather how far sighted you are and how well you see all around you!





Let me share what I think about life, first of all, we are very lucky to be human beings because

we can decide what I want to be in life. But many other forms of life, for instance, animals can’t decide their own destiny. Secondly, such opportunity is rare and we must appreciate as to whom we are and work towards enhancement of happiness and a meaningful life. Thirdly, we should try our best to be good human beings and be responsible to protect our only planet by not abusing but treat with respect. Fourth, don’t let our expectations ruin our life and take whatever that comes to you with open heart. As there are always reasons why such things are happening? Finally, just go with the flow and respect your destiny that you have made it and if you want to be better, then you should do all the right things now!

Have a nice day!





If one day, we are able to live our life like civilized animals in Africa: eating only what is

necessary and respecting the surrounding environment, moving to different areas to

let the young grass grow and to protect ecosystem. In their kingdom, everyone shares

food , places and there are no owners . Moreover, all have equal moving spaces and the only effort

that those animals have to make is eat and enjoy! Problems arise when we start to own and

protect our belongings! We failed to recognize one crucial point, that is, when are born we

had brought nothing and when we leave, there is nothing we can carry with us too ! What you can

really bring along is your good deeds only!

In conclusion, don’t let your unfriendly environment pollute your mind. Use your wisdom, not other’s opinion, because you are the only one who have to answer for your own actions! Live wild!



Success or failure is a part of our journey. What is really important is not to lose our spirit

to continue with our journey to attain liberation from mundane issues: such as how to be rich,

how to be famous and how to be the best and many others! Success or failure depends on

how we see. Sometimes, success could be harmful too, it could bring pride, jealousy and make you

work harder to be more successful and so there is no ending to that. At the end of the day, our purpose of life becomes less meaningful because we will be imprisoned by our achievement. Failure offers true lesson to all of us, to work harder for meaningful purposes. As a result we learn to be more matured and understanding towards our surrounding. Life is a journey, we always keep learning until no more to learn. Therefore, whatever we do in life, there is nothing good or bad, it all depends on what is your motivation behind it and the purpose will create the picture of good or bad! Watch your motivation and see your purpose and that will guide you to a better place !


Many of us are obsessed with beautiful figures and beauties. True beauty is not just how you look but rather what your true heart is harbouring. Just beauties and figures can’t bring any satisfaction and happiness is short lived. Moreover, you may invite jealousy and unwanted attention of others. When your heart is open and accommodating, you will invite trust and respect from many others. In addition, if we hope to compare ourselves to Mighty one, then our beautiful heart has a great chance to at least compare. Therefore, in life, if we can combine both inner and outer beauty, then we don’t have to look for someone to admire, respect, care and love for us, everything will follow us like a shadows of ours!



Changes are very much a part of our mundane way of life and mindful changes do bring us from prosperity, satisfaction, happiness to liberation. The only question is, are we willing to embrace those changes? In such ever changing world, if we are not willing to make necessary such an arrangement, then our world will become smaller than we may ever imagine .Moreover, society may see us as uncivilized and arrogant and become isolated. In addition, every day, I meet many new and old friends and sometimes they want me to advise them how to move on when they face difficulties in their life. The most pressing issue is, are you willing to make changes or have you already made up your mind of whatever you want to be but simply want to get other’s opinion to reaffirm your decision? True changes will come only when you are prepared to listen and take on advice sincerely and most importantly willing to make changes! Finally, all have to come from you, not from anyone else, only then, can we see the difference!