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Take care of our mental health

Today, many of us are living in unhealthy environments,

which is adversely affecting us physically and mentally in a variety of ways. In order to support our physical and mental well-being, we should strive to put in place harmonious conditions in our lives.

Let me begin with our physical health. Fortunately, these days, we have access to a wealth of information in books and videos about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and we should listen carefully what health experts have to say. A nutritious diet and regular exercise play an essential role in a healthy lifestyle, but we should also avoid being too extreme in our approach. After all, moderation is the mantra for success. Sleep is also a critical support for our physical health, and as health guidelines tell us, whenever possible, we should strive for at least eight hours of sleep each night, and we should also avoid sleeping late.

But we should not focus solely on our physical health, since our mental health is also of great importance. Indeed, mental health may be the most essential part of our lives. Mental well-being is very fragile, and when our mind is adversely affected, we face serious issues. Even when we are physically resting, our mind may be working away continuously, which can be harmful to our mental well-being. In this modern world with so many people working in front of computers day in and day out, our minds are often far busier than our bodies, which naturally increases stress levels. In fact, today, stress is one of the main killers in many countries across the world, and stress does not discriminate when it comes to race or gender. Even when leaving the work place, many people bring their worries home with them and are continually tied to their email and phones. Given these conditions, it is more important than ever to attend to our mental health. Therefore, we should strive to reduce our stress levels, since worry and anxiety will not help us gain anything, but will only detract from our health and happiness. We should also avoid chasing unrealistic goals, which is a certain recipe for disappointment. Instead, we should support our mental health by practicing mindfulness as part of our daily routine. We should try to unplug and get more mental rest and avoid inviting unnecessary worries into our lives. And I encourage everyone to try to practice breathing exercises on a daily basis, even if only for five to ten minutes, in order support your mental well-being.