** If you see your Guru as a Buddha, you will recieve the blessings of a Buddha ** If you see your Guru as a Boddhisatva, you will recieve the blessings of a Boddhisatva ** If you see your Guru as a friend, you will only receive the blessings of a friend **

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With Love from Gharwang Rinpoche(more love added)

  • Let me share some of my story with you and I truly believed that we are all a part of the human society, we may have the same experiences in life . As far as I could remember, I wasn’t that keen to be Rinpoche. It was all because of HH 16th karmapa’s blessings that makes me who I am today! One day, a piece of bad news changed the whole outlook of my innocent life when I heard the news of Karmapa attaining Para nirvana! My feelings were a mixture of everything. From sadness to total lost and I felt that I was in fact in real hell. It took many years to overcome such shock mainly because I was too young to understand anything. Second bad news arrived at the worst timing in my life when I heard about the karmapa issue and that really cut me into two pieces!

Because this is something I never asked for and it turned my faith upside down! However, what really made me going was my true devotion to gurus and what I learned from Buddha’s teachings! In addition, my most precious wish is, one day we will all become one big happy family for the sake of 16th Karmapa and all! Moreover, what I really learned is that maybe this is my test , and so far, I took it quite well. Hopefully, with the blessings of all the gurus, I will make it! Finally, I may have more to say, but my inner voice says let it be, let your faith decide and time will tell us the rest!!

  • For every Buddhist every day is an important day in terms of our practice and that is what a true
    Buddhist must follow everyday! Sometimes, I wonder if we are only concerned about only special days,
    then we are missing a very significant point: Every day is an important day for all practitioners!!!!!!!!


  • During my ongoing journey, I have learnt not to change others’ way of life and freedom, but to
    change my own opinion, outlook and respect how others feel! However, I do not compromise
    my principle: to be respectful and understanding. Do not let my self-interest come in my way and of course
    listening to your feeling but not gossips at all!
    Have a wonderful day my dear!


  • It is not about what you say or what your physical act is. It is your mind that dictates and only
    your right attitude can make a big difference in your life. Finally, it all boils down to one most
    Important component, what is your mind after and only that can decide the rest of the outcome!
    My dear, don’t let your wild mind be wilder!

  • Good morning, so far everything is going according to my plan and hopefully,
    the rest of my journey will be as interesting as it used to be! It was great because
    I did learn a lot from you and we will keep on learning with each other
    until learning becomes no more to learn!!!!!!!
    Have a meaningful day!!!!


  • There is a misconception among non believer becoming a Buddhist?
    The misconception is once you become a Buddhist then you are not as free as you used to be.
    For instance, thinking I need to practice, need to respect others, have to be compassionate
    and can’t joy life and more. What we follow is not a Buddhist law but universal law--
    the law of every country.

  • Many of us know a lot about dharma.That is because there are many books we can buy and read. Furthermore, there are so many teachers flying all over the places giving teachings. Personally, what I noticed is that only a handful individuals are really practicing and the rest may have great knowledge about dharma but that’s about it. If we want to bring changes in our life, only practice can make that happen. Therefore, knowing about Dharma is very important but if we don’t practice, then we will have to settle with just knowledge of an empty bottle!  

  • When you pretend to look holy when you are not.
    To you, it may look ok because you can’t see yourself,
    But to Buddha, you look less than even who you are!
  • I know it is not as easy as it is said, even to Buddha,
    But if we do not change our mind set, then what else is possible to wake us up? Scream!

  • It is nothing wrong to love yourself and if you are truly honest then you should never ever let anger, jealousy and emotions ruin your life! Always feel loved and let love show you the rest of your journey!!!!!!!!

  • In the olden days, practitioners meditate to attain realization and also it is a process that one will follow through first, learning or listening then contemplation and finally, meditation. And moreover, all those practitioners were happy to meditate in order to reach the goal! But now, it is the other way round, and so the attitude may bring stress and discomfort, because your daily lifestyle is already so stressful and meditation doesn’t come easy!
 If I am right, practice of meditation should be your way of life and you have to be very much involved and be happy to practice rather than hoping and thinking that meditation will bring you happiness! In addition, meditation means getting used to!!! In simple term it also means, changing your mind set!!!  If that doesn’t, work, then may be time to drink a cup of coffee!!!!!!

It is always very important to look at and contemplate about your actions. We are still ordinary human beings, and we can’t be perfect but we are all under the law of karma. Therefore, we have to be careful of what we say, think and all physical acts. There is a saying “prevention is better than cure” We need to act now rather than later when everything is done! Such a habit will bring us a better tomorrow because it is our future! Have a wonderful day!



  • In life, disharmony is nothing uncommon among friends and family members. What I found was more disturbing, instead of making the situation better; we tend to work harder to make it worse! For instance, when two friends do not get along, one of the friends will try to find someone who does not like your previous friend and such drama will take vicious cycle. At the end of the day we are all losers! Who really won: anger, pride and jealousy. It is in fact quite sad because you lost your friend and you never let your practice help you, instead you let your pride take over your life. Therefore, when there is misunderstanding, you should ask someone to help you or try your best to mend it by giving honest explanation and clarifying all doubts on both sides. Two important points to remember: First, Don’t let your assumption rule you: That is incorrect. Secondly, my friends have said so much but 90 percent may be wrong! What you can really relay on is your wisdom acquired from dharma and on advice of honest person! Maintaining genuine friendship is a part of the practice and success relies on both of you! Love and be loved!