** If you see your Guru as a Buddha, you will recieve the blessings of a Buddha ** If you see your Guru as a Boddhisatva, you will recieve the blessings of a Boddhisatva ** If you see your Guru as a friend, you will only receive the blessings of a friend **

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With Love from Gharwang Rinpoche (More messages added)

Your wrong beliefs will bring imprisonment.
As long as you appreciate who you are and what you own then you could easily be the happiest person on this earth. Once you compare, you are simply looking for more uncertainties and dissatisfaction in life.


Fame, does it bring satisfaction? If it does, then why so many famous people are suffering from loneliness and their fame.

Wealth, does it bring satisfaction? If it does, then why so many wealthy people are working and worrying more than the street wanderer?

Power, does it bring satisfaction? If it does, then why powerful people worry about losing their power!

Be happy as to who we are, not when I have these things !


Many friends told me that ,” Rinpoche ,you are special ” I do take that with respect, However, I do not feel any special. We all come from the same place and may end in totally different places. The difference is who comes first and leaves later! And who leaves behind a lasting impression to all!


First, you need to listen to teachings and read more dharma books. This will help us to clear away doubts.

Second, contemplation helps us to fully understand and enlighten us on whatever you have listened and have read.

Finally, practice or meditation will bring the actual goal!


Practitioners, who wish to achieve liberation in one’s life must master these fellow techniques: Listening, contemplating and meditation. However, it is not always easy to practice, but, if you have mastered such techniques, your liberation becomes more realistic than just a distant dream! Therefore, please keep on trying my dear buddies !!!


Before we begin to do anything, we need to understand that there are others who may have a different approach to life. In addition, what is meaningful is not what we think is right but how we make better by respecting and accommodating different approaches to make life more meaningful.


When our heart is closed by pride and jealousy, how can you expect others to open their hearts?


What does self respect mean to me?

First, not to let my anger, jealousy and pride rule and ruin my life!

Second, to make my beautiful life more meaningful!

Third, to be contented and appreciate every bit of my life!

Fourth, to share equal respect to each other!

Fifth, to correct my own faults rather than others!

Finally, my beautiful life is not given but earned through my right effort!


If I want the world to change for me, then it is like saying: yesterday I invited Buddha for a lunch and Buddha said that He wants to open a face book account!( it means ridiculous) You can’t change others! But by changing yourself, it is better than changing all !


If we are able to give less importance to I or me then 90% of our burden is reduced.

Because of I or me it creates most difficulties in our life . For instance, I am not happy, not enough, jealous about others, angry at others, they are not nice to me, they don’t respect me and numbers can go on and on. In addition, if we do not conquer self from those poisons, then conquering others is just illusion. Therefore, whoever conquers self, conquers all!

(Added on 6th June 2011)

Good practitioners are always prepared, especially during difficult times! Only self proclamed gurus are prepared when everything is right. However, when difficulties occur, then they will show you their true face of discomfort!


Let me put things in different perspective in our life. We all know that bees work very hard to

Gather the little honey they deserve which is their livelihood! Do we care for those little friends?

We just take all the honey with force and never really care for them. How do we feel when someone takes away our belongings? Please be sensible and compassionate to all !


As I go along my life’s journey, I have learnt one good thing: that is to change myself according to the environment and situations rather than hoping to change others!

First, I must try my best to speak the truth.

Second, when I do something good, I don’t ask for rewards!

Finally, it is the best way to help ourselves by accommodating others’ opinions!


We should always ask ourselves, am I honest, sincere and a respectful human being?

Or we just want others to be our obedient attendants?

It is a fact that if we want to fulfill all our wishes then even the entire universe may not be enough!

Therefore, be contented and learn how to check yourself.


It is a general belief that once you wake up in the morning, you should always begin the day with the right attitude. Not just thinking about how to make more money or how to reach the top, but rather how I can bring changes or contribute to the society according to my own ability! You may or may not be able to bring changes but at least you are moving towards the right direction and that’s what really counts the most!


Always begin with positive thoughts rather than negative ones. Because the reason why we are unhappy is all related to negative thinking in life. Not enough, I am jealous, I am angry at others and much more. Even if you complain, there will be just a handful people who is willing to listen to your thoughts. Therefore, change your own way of thinking and the rest will take care of itself!



Nobody can change our life, unless you want it to.

Nobody can bring pain, unless you ask for it.

Nobody can create happiness, until you look for it.

Nobody can bring liberation to you if you don’t work for it.

Nobody can change the world, if you don’t make changes yourself.




Just Friend:

In life nothing is predictable. At any moment, any given time, things can change for better or worse. It is our own immune system of tolerance, perseverance and determination that drive our life to success. If I just say according to mundane way of life, true friends are those who are with you during the time of needs and share your happiness and difficulties. In addition, he or she will also have equal respect, care, love and most importantly he or she is not an opportunist! When you do not share the ups and down of others, how will you feel when others follow your path? Let’s be logically and morally correct, one hand does not make a sound. We need both hands to make it. Therefore, let’s clap together to make our friendship evergreen!