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How to transform our sufferings

Suffering is very much a part of daily life,

and when we look at our lives and compare the amount of time that we are happy with the amount of time that we are unhappy, many of us may find that we spend a considerable amount of our lives unhappily. So, instead of running away from our suffering, we should address the suffering in our life, because if we do not, then we are only prolonging our pain. 

It is true that suffering is not something that anyone wishes for, but a little pain can lead us to improve our lives. First, we should examine why we are suffering, and then through understanding the cause of our pain, we can find a way to free ourselves from it. Second, as we learn from the Kadampa masters, we can use pain as a part of the path and make our lives more meaningful. For example, when we are going through pain and difficulties, we can imagine that our pain represents the pain of everyone, and make the wish that by experiencing this pain, may others never face pain again. Finally, we should wish that everyone be happy and joyful. With these types of approaches, it is possible to transform the challenges in our lives into something that has a purpose. There are many ways to deal with difficulties in our lives, and I believe that these methods that I have shared with you can be very beneficial.