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Contentment will lead to liberation

There are individuals who work tirelessly to secure their future by accumulating wealth, power, and fame.

While they may spend almost their entire life striving to acquire these goals, success is not guaranteed. In this way, people spend their lives from youth to old age, going through the roller coaster of life experiences worrying about not getting what they want and losing what they have managed to obtain. Worldly things are difficult to acquire, a challenge to maintain, and easily lost. This is what Buddhists call "Samsara." There are people who seem to have everything and are still not fulfilled. This is because there is no end to their attachment and desire. We should develop contentment which is the beginning of liberation since it leads to genuine satisfaction and true happiness. Of course, developing contentment is easier said than done, however the other option is to lose our freedom in never-ending worries. While at the beginning nothing is easy, but if we apply effort then things get easier and in the end we will find a meaningful and purposeful life.