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Thoughts of Wisdom by Gharwang Rinpoche

Flowing Water

Life is like flowing water and we can’t hold it back but simply have to just let it go. What makes us more successful is to accept whatever that comes in our journey- we have to just take it and be appreciative.

After all, what can we really do to make it better? We should look around with open hearts. We may not see much differences from what we already knew. However, we will see what is the true color of our environment/situation is. For instance, if you put on your sun glasses, you may not see the true color. Similarly, when we try to alter what is not real in our life, this may bring us more uncertainty and confusion. In addition, over the years, I have learnt to accept whatever that comes my way and I always hope and pray for the best yet be prepared for the worst. Life is about taking and giving, not always receiving, one can’t clap with just one hand and our life cannot be better without the help and contribution from others! Therefore, success depends on all sides and we should make it better for all of us! 


Feeling is about going through pleasant or painful moment for oneself and others. We are living in an ever changing environment, internally and externally. In such critical juncture it is very important to know that feeling is not a serious issue as compared to action base on our momentary feeling. Firstly, feeling about something good or bad is very much a part of our life. Secondly, we shouldn’t be overwhelmed by our feelings; otherwise, one may lose sense of direction and that brings unhappiness. Thirdly, one can learn a great deal of oneself and others from feelings and after all, feeling is just about how prepared we are in real world. Finally, feeling arises from internal and external sources and it is part of our daily rituals. However, good or bad feelings do not represent our true color. Therefore, feeling is just like a passing wind and it doesn’t carry the true picture about life and wellbeing. What is important is that we should be more aware about our feelings and filter effectively before we take any kind of action for good or bad reasons! Feel it and feel good for all!

Prepare Your Own Destiny

We sometimes wonder, am I responsible for my own future or someone will take care of me? Unfortunately, the answer is simple, when you are living by yourself, do you expect someone to prepare your meal? Ladies and gentlemen, the answer is no! We prepare our own destiny and we have to make sure that every day whatever we do is right and meaningful because you may not have a second chance. I am not saying that you have to act like a holy person .However, this doesn’t mean that we are not responsible for our own future. What makes us a successful individual is how we prepare our journey but not by someone giving it to us. Our journey begins now and if you wait for somebody then our journey may end even before we want to start! We can afford to wait, but time never waits for us and it is the same story that goes back to time of creation! Therefore when we do something meaningful, beneficial, respectable and wise, we can always look forward to a better and brighter future!

Are we civilized?

Among all the species, we human beings are the most superior at this moment, however I won’t be surprised if one day another kind of species will overpower us. We have to learn to respect and give enough space for other species to live and wander freely as much as we do! Unfortunately, we refused to learn from past mistakes and we are simply piling layer after layer of our faults. We call other species as uncivilized and wild, however, occasionally, we act more wildly than the gentle animals. What makes us evil sometimes is not because who we are, but solely because of our poisons, such as hatred, jealousy, pride, ignorance and attachment. These poisons are not just destroying us from inside out; we are feeding them to make them stronger. For instance, when anger arises, our pride feeds anger and makes it stronger than ever. Unless, we overcome such poisons residing within us, we may simply face the same music over and over again and again. Therefore, before we accuse anyone, we need to look into ourselves to see where the main source of problems lie. Otherwise, we may not only sound like an animal but also look more like one and the animals may start looking more like us instead!

 Moment to Moment

Finally, I am in Sikkim. The weather is perfect and the whole environment is nearly perfect. Lamas, family members, friends and my beautiful cats are all doing well and it seems they are quite happy and contented. Frankly speaking, I didn’t really asked them because the pictures may not be perfect, after all we are still ordinary human beings. Personally, That’s all I needed for now and looking forward towards better tomorrow! I lived my life, moment to moment and every passing minute is important to me, because if I mess up even just a minute it can make a great difference in my life. We can’t be better tomorrow if we act wrongly now. There is a saying: “What we are today is how we have lived our life yesterday and for a better tomorrow is how we act now!” The past is gone, the future has not arrived and the present is the moment we all live in. Therefore, being thoroughly aware of the present will help to bring us success, satisfaction and happiness!

The City is the perfect Place to Practice

I was told by my friends many times that we all live in cities and there is no time for us to practice dharma. Therefore, we blame the cities for us not being able to practice and we go around doing what we think is better for us: such as watching movies, chatting with friends and sometimes a little bit of gossipings. At the end of the day, what happens is that the day passes, month passes and finally we all end up in a little square box and that is the only story we tell the Mighty one. When I start thinking, the city is one of the best places to practice dharma. Because there are people who make us angry, jealous and places where our attachment, ignorance and pride grow day after day. Moreover, if you live with monks, then you may not have all those chances like in the city. It is truly up to us, either you practice or just go around doing what you think is the best. Therefore, it is not just the environment, but solely knowing the importance of the practice and we have asked enough favors from Buddha. Now the time has come for us to be more serious about our own future. Because we are the only one who can decide our own destiny! Moreover, the real future that is waiting for all of us is truly unknown. Therefore, please be prepared to face challenges and if you pass the test then you have served the purpose of life!

I Wonder Why?

You may ask yourself why I am still wondering, because you never ask . Buddha clearly said that I will show you the right path and it is all up to you how soon and how fast you can attain liberation. Please don't wait for anyone to serve you. There is no one waiting to serve! Welcome to the independent self-service club! What this means is that you have to work for your own liberation! Just like how the doctors prescribe the medication and you are the one who have to follow the advice and take the medicine!

Up and down is a part of everyone's life and you can't hold tight to any good or bad experiences. No matter how you may try, it will never work! It is like trying to catch a passing wind! For instance, you may have wonderful dreams, however, it is just another illusion and it will never bring us any benefits in our daily life.I personally feel that when I try to hold on to my feelings, it raises emotions and discomfort. Over the years, I have learnt to be more forgiving and to forget unpleasant experiences and so I see my life has become much simplier and more meaningful in a way. Before I compare or rather comment on anyone, I just try to look into the positive sides or qualities of others rather than the negative ones. When we respect others, you don't have to ask for rewards and even if you don't want to be regarded with respect, the respect, admiration and praise will just follow you like your own shadow. Life is not only about making money or acquiring fame or power. If you want to be happy and satisfied, be understanding to each other’s needs and respect one another, irregardless of their colors , genders, and who they are. To love others is neither difficult nor easy to hate others. Lets first try to love and destiny will show us the rest!


Friends are important to our life as we can share our feelings, happiness, pain and experiences! However, too much of expectations, hope and dependency may lead to hatred, jealousy and become most hated enemy. To be a true friend, one has to be reasonable, flexible and understanding in order to bring lasting and meaningful friendships for a long time! What is important as a good individual is that one has to be respectful and forgiving and also forgetting what needs to be forgotten. Moreover, right effort and patience will bring all the success we need to develop strong bond and friendships!

The same question was asked to me again and again how to be happy in our daily life? The answer may not be as simple as you may wish. However, it is not a distant dream for anyone to realize. It is not something we have to look entirely from somewhere else but within oneself. Yes, it is true that wealth, power and fame do bring certain degree of happiness. However, it is short-lived. Furthermore, there are people who may not own anything, yet those people can be quite happy! Therefore, where ever and whenever, even during the time of drinking a cup of coffee, one can appreciate and enjoy that moment and be happy! If you know how to find happiness it is all around you. The problem comes when we fantasize about so called extraordinary happiness! It could be just small yet could be very beautiful! Every little happiness counts in our life! Always start with small and dream bigger in life!

It is not about how heavy you can carry, but how sincere you are to carry the burden of others with just love and care. You could be a small carrier, however, you are still carrying with care and that’s what really matters!

Our mind is always very active and if you let your mind to be too free, then it may bring you a lot of problems. Therefore, you should use awareness and mindfulness as an effective tool to keep watch on your crazy mind!

To many people marriage is a very important part of life and we all should wish every couple, a happy and successful meaningful life together! What really makes a successful marriage? Possible requirements are: mutual respect, right patience, giving enough space to each other, honest to each other and finally the true love is very important! However, if you are not honest to each other then the marriage will fail.

Human beings tend to get very excited when we are happy but when we face difficulties, we are easily depressed. The logical reasons behind such situation is we only see the bad and good in front of us as if we are watching television. If we live a healthy and balanced life, we will always be happy and more understanding about different circumstances of our life. The best way not to be so excited is to know that there is another part which is a bit painful even to think , and when we are in pain one can think about the brighter part of our life! For instance, if the water is too hot to drink then pour some cold water to make it cool! Successful life is about how we balance between success and failure. Also to remember not to soak oneself into emotions which make you feel from bad to worse.

Life is about how to be happy and how to make others happy! When you have a chance, you should always do something good for others, because if you wait for the second time, you may not have it!

If you wait for someone to make us happy then we may have to wait for a few hundred years! If you know how to tap happiness then happiness is all around! You just need to feel it and make yourself comfortable wherever you are! Don't worry, be happy! With love