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2012-01 Bhutan Philgrimage

2012-01 Bhutan Philgrimage (Vol-1)

2012-01 Bhutan Philgrimage (Vol-2)

2012-01 Bhutan Philgrimage (Vol-3)

2012-01 Bhutan Philgrimage (Vol-4)

2012-01 Bhutan Philgrimage (Vol-5)

2011-07 ** Bhutan_Update-2011-07-22

Dear Friends,
i am not sure whether all of you are fully aware that every one in the group is encouraged to give an offering of min $300 per person or $500 per couple or $1000 if travelling in a family of 4. The information was emailed on 30th May 2011 and was posted in the Futsing Puja Hall during the Amitabha Grand Puja Event and is also posted in the www.zurmangkagyugd.org website. ...

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2011-06 ** Sikkim/Bhutan Pilgrimage - Dec 21st to 30th 2011


For people who have already signed up for the trip, we would appreciate if you read and take note of the following additional informations. Please pay the deposit of US$1000 by 11th June, 2011 in order to secure a seat and also to facilitate the application of the visa to Bhutan. Thank you very much for your co-operation and also note that the Lingdum Monastery is arranging this travel out of compassionate intention and not making any profit out of it.

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2011-06 ** Registration is now closed for Sikkim/Bhutan Trip 2011

Dear Friends,

We thank you very much for the overwhelming response towards the Sikkim/Bhutan Trip 2011 with Gharwang Rinpoche this year end.

According to Lama Jigme, the registration is now closed, because the total number of people already exceeded the "booked" seats, if there is anyone who  now feels that he or she must go for this trip, additional price will apply and also subject to the availability of the seat.

Thank you once again.

Best Regards,

2011-06 ** Sikkim-Bhutan Pilgrimage 2011 - Latest Update

Dear Friends,
i have just received another reminder again from Lama Jigme requesting that all passport be scanned directly from the passport itself and if it has color, please scan in color so that it will be clear enough for the Bhutan Visa Application. Please do not scan from photocopy, they don't look clear and we are afraid it will pose unnecessary delay in the process. Your co-operation is much appreciated.
For those who have not submitted in this manner yet, kindly do so as soon as possible...preferrably by next week.
Another point to take note is that please ensure your passport has a validity of at least 6 months from date of travel, i suppose everyone more or less know this is the International Rule for all travel documents....just a reminder.
We regret to say that we are still unable to confirm the time of departure and time of arrival at Bangkok right now as the agent whom Lama Jigme is in touch with is presently not available in Bhutan.... We hope to be able to give you the details before end of this month.
Thank you very much.

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