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2013-05 ** Shindrup Ceremony in Lingdum


Dear friends,

I just wanted inform you that from May 19th to 25th we are holding
A Zhingdrup ceremony ( Amitabha recitation) in Zurmang monastery in Lingdum , Sikkim.
You are welcome to participate and we will make all necessary arrangement for you in the monastery
Thank you.

Brief Explanation of Zhingdrup:
the Practice of the Pure Land of Great Bliss

Zhingdrup or the practice of the Pure Land of Great Bliss is the supreme method to be reborn in the Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha, composed by Zurmang Khenchen Pema Namgyal, and based on the aspiration prayer of Karma Chakme.

With the precious human body we have at present, we are as if at a junction, where we can either choose to follow the path of liberation or allow ourselves to remain trapped in the never ending ocean of suffering. Therefore we must attain certain qualities of enlightenment once we have the chance and ability to do so. There are many ways to attain these qualities, such as through empowerments, right view, right meditation, and right actions. However, these techniques demand higher intelligence and much effort, time, and energy, which are quite scarce for ordinary people of this modern age.

This is why Zhingdrup, although simple, is very beneficial. It can be practiced by anyone—Rinpoches, monks and nuns, laymen and laywomen, of high, medium, or low intelligence. All people have the opportunity to accomplish this practice. The Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha in particular is the most well known pure land in all the Buddhist schools, and Amitabha Buddha himself has guaranteed that one can be reborn in His Pure Land if one accomplishes the four conditions to be reborn there. This is possible due to the power of the commitment and aspirations of Amitabha Buddha when he was on the Bodhisattva level.

The four conditions to be reborn in the Pure Land of Great Bliss are as follows:

1 Visualizing the pure land in one’s mind.
2 Accumulating unlimited merit through the seven-branch prayer.
3 Generating the enlightened mind, or Bodhicitta.
4 Sealing the merits through dedication and aspirations.

Zhingdrup is also a very effective and beneficial practice for our daily life because Amitabha is indeed inseparable from Amitayus, or Long Life Buddha. Therefore, it is a supreme practice for increasing the essence of life, health, wealth, positive energies and merits, as well as for pacifying hindrances or obstacles and negative karma. In order to accomplish these worldly achievements, it can be done simply through the offering of milk, water, flower, incense, lamp, and torma during the Zhingdrup puja.