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News - 29-Oct-2010

Subject: Gharwang Rinpoche/Grand Mahakala Puja in Lingdum/Zurmang website
Dear Friends,
Greetings & Blessings from Zurmang Kagyud Buddhist Foundation on behalf of Gharwang Rinpoche & all the Lamas!

I believe some of you must be missing Gharwang Rinpoche as he is unable to come for the year end program like before. I am not sure how many of you are aware that Rinpoche is now taking his English Extension Program in Harvard University, Boston for the Fall & Spring Semester.

Besides working hard to improve on his English Language skill, he is also taking up Chinese lessons in a private school.  As such, Rinpoche is now studying very hard like an University student! Rinpoche mentioned that besides his almost daily 4-hr classes, he has 6 hours of homework to prepare for presentation.

He said there is no more Sundays nor public holidays for him and he wakes up very early everyday in order to have sufficient time for his daily spiritual practices and meditation. Rinpoche also told us not to worry, he will always remember us in his daily prayers! Rinpoche is working hard to improve his language skills so that he can teach and communicate better in the future with all of us.
Rinpoche also mentioned that he may be coming to Singapore in January 2011 for two days or so but the dates are not yet confirmed. Will keep you all posted when the dates are decided.
Tara & Mahakala Pujas are done daily by the Lamas in Lingdum Monastery, Sikkim for all sentient beings and for world peace.
For those of you who are interested to sponsor or make Lamp offerings for the Annual Grand Mahakala Puja in Lingdum which will take place from Nov. 27 to Dec. 4th (8 days), kindly contact Lama Tsewang who will be leaving for Sikkim on 13th November. His mobile is 82767912. or you can email me for further enquiries, if necessary.
In case you are not aware, may i bring to your attention that www.zurmangkagyud.org has a new face now!  Please kindly visit and hope you will enjoy the new look..(best browse with Firefox/GoogleChrome/IE8).
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Thank you for your time and support.