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About ZKBC - Resident Lama

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 ** Resident Lama

Tsewang Lama is a fully ordained monk who has been residing in the remote area of Sikkim (Northern India), and training under the guidance of Zurmang Kagyud Lineage Spiritual Head, His Eminence 12th Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche.

Tsewang was ordained as a monk in 1980 and holds a degree of Shastri (Equivalent to Bachelor of Arts) lst Division from the Zurmang Institute for Advanced Studies of Buddhist Philosophy & Research.

Since then, he received further monastic education up to the highest level of Omzer in Ritual Studies. In addition, he had also completed a three-year retreat and accomplished his title of a Ritual Master.

Thus he is a very qualified and learned scholastic monk, highly respected, and is able to converse in Mandarin and English. He also leads group practice in the recital of scriptural prayers and mudra.

Being well trained in scriptural writing and reading, and as a Buddhist painter, Tsewang is able to recognize a painting’s context and its history as well as understanding its the meaning. Also he is an exceptionally talented artist in thangka drawing.