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Online Teachings through Zoom on 15th May 2021 by Gharwang Rinpoche

Dear Friends, below is the link and section of the text for this Saturday's online teaching.
Zoom Link:
Date and Time:
Saturday 15th of May
6pm IST India time, 8:30am EST USA
As for the way in which the path dispels confusion:
The bestowal of the ripening empowerment is a necessary prerequisite.
By means of the stages of the four empowerments, the stains of the three doors are washed away, the inheritance of the four kāyas is established,
and one is empowered to practice the creation and completion stages.
Guard the root and branch vows as you do your eyes.
Make effort at the path of the two stages
to subjugate the mental afflictions and attain the levels of heat, etc.
Practice the elaborated, unelaborated, and extremely unelaborated,
and using the all-conquering conduct, by means of refuting and supporting,
gain the ability to benefit others.
By means of this path, one may attain Buddhahood in a single lifetime.
Using the creation stage, eliminate the grasping of the ordinary mind
to subject and object, the environment and beings.
Using the completion stage, purify the three appearances
with the non-dual wisdom of bliss and emptiness,
whereby the entire host of conceptual thoughts will be purified.
This is the path dispelling confusion.
~ H.E. 12th Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche