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Online Teachings through Zoom on 8th May 2021 by Gharwang Rinpoche

Dear Friends, below is the link and section of the text for coming Saturday's online teaching.
Zoom Link:
Date and Time:
Saturday 8th of May
6pm IST India time, 8:30am EST USA
Those having the powerful heart's desire to work for the benefit of sentient beings,
with a mind that delights in the dharma of the profound path,
should focus on supreme enlightenment as the root of the five paths,
which must be traversed in order to engage in the Great Vehicle (Mahāyāna).
With the aspiration to strive for the sake of others,
practice the four positive doctrines and the six perfections,
which have the nature of the two collections,
and take joyful effort as your support
in order to develop authentic aspiring and engaged bodhicitta,
remaining unsullied by faults or downfalls.
Train in the precepts and actualize the natural luminosity of bodhicitta.
Meditate on the completely pure view which has determined the meaning of the Middle Way as the freedom from extremes, the union of the two truths,
and cultivate correct śamatha, which is free from agitation and dullness,
as well as the conclusion of vipaśyanā, self-awareness.
With skill in enlightening conduct, possessed of skillful means,
by traversing the ten bhūmis and five paths, eliminate and realize,
and accomplish the grounds and paths of the completed state beyond learning.
These are the stages of the path of individuals of greater capacity.
That is taking whatever dharma you have practiced as the path.
~ H.E. 12th Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche